We Train, We Rise, We Roar

Sept 15 - Dec 8th | ONLINE ONLY
Are you ready to make your light SHINE?

It's time to step up and say YES to yourself. 
Invest in YOU. 

Ignite that FEARLESS Fire within 
and let me hold you accountable.  
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As females we forget how powerful we are. We have allowed our fears to hold us back in life, love and business. As women we possess the power to be many things, a leader, a sister, a mother, a teacher, a business owner and a friend! We can do amazing things when we get back to the core of what our passion and purpose is.  Together we can rise above our fears and conquer this amazing journey called life. 

Let’s take back our power.  Run with me for the next 90 Days and let's train our minds, bodies and spirits, so we can be prepared to face what the world will throw us.  As your spiritual mentor, I will motivate you, inspire you to step up and will help you ignite that fire power within.  
“Wow, is all I can say! It was life changing and very healing. If you put in the work and you listen to words of her advice and her encouragement and just to be friends with her, will change your life. It was so worth every penny, every minute. I met such incredible ladies in the group and I feel we will be life-long friends”
- Kylie Bourland
“I was part of her accountability group and through that group I met some amazing women, and it was really inspiring. Paola is such an inspiration and she really walks the talk and that really is important to me when I am picking someone to coach me and develop me is that they have gone through similar circumstances.” 
- Yvonne Reid
 “If you are looking for something that is going to give you tools to sharpen your focus and to understand a little bit more about yourself and your goals, Paola has excellent insight. She delivers it in a judgement free zone. It’s really been a great experience for me”
- Terry Lilly
“I joined Paola's A Team to have more accountability for the new year on reaching some goals of mine. One was to return to journaling every day and I'm proud to say I accomplished this and formed a new habit. The group is a great place to get support from other amazing fearless females, too. Thanks Paola”
- Michelle Osario
“It was so amazing to be apart of Paola’s group. You will learn some amazing tools. The tools I learned from her are so invaluable to me.  I learned things about myself that I didn’t know where down in there. I was really hesitant at first because I struggle with doing things for myself but I am so glad I joined” 
- Lisa Gonzales
 "Paola has given me assignments, tools and things to do and I can tell you, I am a whole new me.  I am loving who I am and I see my worth now. I'm starting to remember that I need to take care of me. Working with her has really helped me. If you are like me, a mom who is trying to hold it together for everybody and is completely forgetting about taking care of you too, then I definitely recommend you joining her group. Its worth it. It’s worth everything!" 
- Celeste Melerine
Are you ready to Rise Up?
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